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Attachments tab

Attachments tab

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Attachments tab

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This tab is available only if the WYSIWYG editor is placed on a certain document (e.g. Form tab, user contributions etc.) so that attachments of the current document can be offered. In other parts of the CMS, the tab is not displayed.


From this tab, you can:


Insert links to unsorted attachments of the document into the text.
Select an attachment using the Select (Next) icon or by simply clicking the appropriate line (or tile/thumbnail in the other view modes).
Upload new attachments to the document via this dialog using the New file (NewFile) button.


The following actions can be performed with the listed attachments:


After clicking the View (View) icon, the attachment will be opened in a new window.
Using the Delete (Delete) icon, you can remove the attachment from the document.
Using the Move up (Up) and Move down (Down) icons, you can re-order the attachments. This option is available only in the List view mode. The order is stored in the AttachmentOrder property of each attachment. You can enter AttachmentOrder into the ORDER BY expression property of a displaying web part to have the attachments ordered accordingly.
Using the Edit (Edit) icon, you can edit metadata of the file. However, clicking this icon placed beside an image opens the image in the built-in image editor.
Using the Update (Update) icon, you can replace the original attachment with a new one.


Properties that can be specified for the link are described on this page.


Detailed information about the WYSIWYG editor can be found in the WYSIWYG editor chapter in the Content management section of the Developer's Guide.